Get help with height adjustable desks

My desk is displaying an error code and has stopped functioning. What should I do?

If your standing desk experiences a disruption in functionality or shows an error code, it is advisable to refer to the manual to identify the corresponding error. Performing a factory reset usually resolves the majority of issues. The instructions for carrying out a factory reset are typically located towards the final pages of the manual.

If the problem persists after performing a factory reset, please reach out to our customer service team. Our skilled technicians will promptly provide you with a solution.

Are KOWO standing desks equally as sturdy as traditional desks?

Absolutely! Each of our desks is crafted using thick heavy-duty steel that has a loading capacity of up to 80kgs during height adjustments. To ensure their reliability and stability, we have conducted extensive in-house testing with over 20,000 life cycle tests.

Is there any wobbling when the desk moves up and down?

No, it does not exhibit any wobbling. The desk is reinforced with thick, heavy metal tubes to ensure stability, and we have conducted rigorous testing, performing over 20,000 cycle tests on the desk frame and motor to confirm its sturdiness during height adjustments.

Is it difficult to assemble?

Not at all! Our standing desk comes with a pre-assembled sync rod, made specifically for easy installation. Just use a few screws to connect the tabletop and desk feet, it can be set up easily.

Does the tabletop come with pre-drilled holes ready for construction?

Yes, our tabletops are designed with pre-drilled holes, making assembly and construction easier for you. These pre-drilled holes are strategically placed to ensure a secure and straightforward assembly process, saving you time and effort during setup.

Can I convert the height measurement on my control panel from inches to centimetres?

Absolutely, you can toggle between inches and centimetres as the unit of measurement for height. As there are variations among different models, we recommend referring to your user manual for detailed instructions.